What we provide:

The Parasitology laboratory primarily screens, identifies and counts any parasites found in domesticated, wild and zoo animals. More specialized tests are also offered, including count and differenciation of gastrointestinal parasites from fecal matter even after necropsy An annual report (year 2009 to 2013) can also be provided upon request.

Tests available (see the reference guide)*

  • Zinc sulfate centrifugation
  • Wisconsin
  • Direct examination of skin scrapings
  • Skin scraping – KOH digestion
  • McMaster Egg Counting Technique
  • Coccidia identification and differential diagnosis
  • Parasite and tick identification
  • Baermann test for respiratory parasites
  • Sedimentation
  • Dirofilaria Ag or microfilariae detection
  • Peptic digestion test (trichinella)
Director Christopher Fernandez-Prada, D.M.V., Ph.D. (christopher.fernandez.prada@umontreal.ca)
Technicians Fannie Damour (fannie.damour@umontreal.ca)

Marie-Ève Caron (marie-eve.caron.3@umontreal.ca)

Paola Gallego (paola.gallego@umontreal.ca)